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The experiment with VErtex Spectrometer (VES, IHEP ) is searching for the exotic mesons. The main goal in the first 1996 run was to take as much as possible data on the 30 GeV/c K - interaction. Secondary negative beam from the internal target at 20 mrad contains 3.5% of kaons. During 700 hours 5*10 8 events of Pi - Be and K - Be interactions were taken. This huge statistics gives the opportunity to continue the search for the exotic meson states with VES setup where some interesting results were already obtained: observation of exotic properties of Pi(1800) , observation of the exotic wave J PC = 1 -+ in the Eta ' Pi system, observation of the A 2 (1320) --> Eta ' Pi and F 1 (1285) --> Rho Gamma decays, etc. During VES data taking the extraction of the proton beam from the U-70 by bended crystal was also tuned.

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