General structure

General organization of system (G. Borisov)


Reconstruction procedure consists of processors, which constitute processor chain. Each processor is characterised by it's place in reconstruction chain, name and some additional information, taken from processor description file (logical name - BEC$PROC_DB). All processors are called from DSPROC subroutine, which determiner the necessary components and their order. In processors list file (logical name - BEC$PROC) all processors are listed in order correspondent to the DSPROC subroutine. Information from processor list file (BEC$PROC) is used for creation correct ZEBRA structure with information, extracted from processor description file (BEC$PROC_DB).

Description of processors (G. Borisov)
Описание процессоров
Подпрограммы для работы с ZEBRA структурами, созданными для реконструкции

Zebra structure

Internals and Data of software (G. Borisov)
Структура и содержимое банков (Е.Власов)


For the moment all the production software and and data are situated in DISK$BECOFL:[BEC.PROD] directory.
Main structure is:

- location of RAW data files + reconstructed data files
- read, write buffers for different streams
- histogram files
- command files
- different executables
- object files
- database place
- location of different control,recovery and history files. For correct work all programs for DSTproduction should be launched from this directory.
- root directory for the source (fortran) file of the current version of reconstruction software. All previous versions are stored in SIRIUS computer under CVS management.

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